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Volume 44 Issue 2
Apr.  2024
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SHAO Weiping, ZHANG Tao, LI Jiacheng, MO Xiaoqing. Research on cutting burrs in high speed milling of aluminum alloy plane with diamond coated tools[J]. Diamond & Abrasives Engineering, 2024, 44(2): 221-227. doi: 10.13394/j.cnki.jgszz.2023.0130
Citation: SHAO Weiping, ZHANG Tao, LI Jiacheng, MO Xiaoqing. Research on cutting burrs in high speed milling of aluminum alloy plane with diamond coated tools[J]. Diamond & Abrasives Engineering, 2024, 44(2): 221-227. doi: 10.13394/j.cnki.jgszz.2023.0130

Research on cutting burrs in high speed milling of aluminum alloy plane with diamond coated tools

doi: 10.13394/j.cnki.jgszz.2023.0130
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  • Received Date: 2023-06-16
  • Accepted Date: 2023-08-07
  • Rev Recd Date: 2023-07-26
  • Available Online: 2023-11-06
  • The nano and micro diamond film coated tools were prepared by the hot wire CVD method.The surface morphology of the film was characterized by field emission scanning electron microscopy. The prepared CVD diamond coated tools were used to end mill the aluminum alloy surface forward and backward at high speed under the condition of dry cutting without lubrication. It studies the characteristics and size of edge burrs during high-speed end milling of aluminum alloy using CVD diamond coated tools. It carries out orthogonal tests on cutting process parameters to explore the cutting parameters and processes with little or no cutting burr when nano-diamonds coated tools are used for high-speed forward milling. The results show that the distribution of burrs on the edges of the workpiece is uneven after milling, and the burrs during forward milling are sparse and small in size. Among them, the average height of burrs on the edges during forward milling with nano diamond coated tools is 32.08 μm, only 46.5% of the forward milling burr height of micrometer diamond coated tools. When nano diamond coated tools are used for high-speed forward milling of flat surfaces, vc has the greatest impact on edge burrs, followed by vf, and ae has the weakest impact. The optimal parameter combination for high-speed milling is ae=4 mm, vf=2 000 mm/min, and vc=400 m/min. The average burr height after milling is 21.29 μm. When the diamond coated tool is used to end mill the aluminum alloy plane, in order to obtain a small burr, the nano diamonds coated tool is selected, the cutting method of forward milling and the corresponding high-speed cutting parameters are adopted.


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