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About Journal

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Diamond & Abrasives Engineering (ISSN 1006-852X, CN41-1243/TG) is an academic journal publishing all areas within the fields of diamonds and abrasives. It is sponsored and supervised by Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding, and is published bimonthly.  

Aims: The journal aims to promote the domestic and international academic communication, leading scientific innovation and research, and industrial application of the latest research achievements in the fields of diamonds and abrasives.

Scope: The journal mainly reports innovative and advanced research articles related to diamond, cubic boron nitride superhard materials and products, general abrasives, grinding, etc., and relevant scientific results of national research and projects of the National Natural Science Foundation.


Abstracts & Indexing

The journal has been selected as Chinese Core Journal, China Core Academic Journals of RCCSE (Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation), and Key Magazine of China Technology. It has been included in many international databases such as Scopus, American Chemical Abstracts (CA), AJ of VINITI, Ulrichsweb, etc. It has also been included in major literature databases in China, including Wanfang Database, Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), etc.


Online Availability

Apart from the journal’s official website, it also has a WeChat official account connected to the online submission and editing platform, which provides a variety of services such as checking the status of manuscript review, free full-text reading, and quick citing.


Journal History

Diamond & Abrasives Engineering was founded in July, 1959 in the name of Exchange of Experience. The journal was then renamed Science and Technology Briefing in 1970, Synthetic Diamond in 1973, and Grinding Wheel in 1976. It was an internal publication during that period. In 1979, the journal was renamed Synthetic Diamond and Grinding Wheel with the approval of State Scientific and Technological Commission of PRC, and in 1981, the journal name changed to Abrasives and Grinding.

In 1987, the journal began to be published publicly at home and abroad, and in 1995, it was officially named as Diamond & Abrasives Engineering.

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